It’s not just entertainment; it’s creating change. By creating refreshing theater experiences that entertain, provoke, and inspire, we facilitate meaningful discussion while providing an exceptional entertainment experience.

One performance leads to lifelong change. 




QUALITY: We pride ourselves on the superior quality work—artistically and administratively—as well as an excellent staff and patron services that enable smooth operation and a positive experience for all those involved. 


INCLUSION: We explore and celebrate the broad diversity of the Southeast community. Everyone has a story and everyone can contribute something.  We are committed to nurturing an inclusive ethos that is welcoming and inspirational to all. 


CITIZENSHIP: We demonstrate how a theater company inextricably committed to the betterment of its locality can wield a nationally resonant, influential voice in the advancement of the art form in an ever-changing world. 


INNOVATION: We break boundaries and explore the full scope of theatrical storytelling through narrative, across art forms, new technologies, and innovative outreach strategies in America. We are not afraid to explore controversial topics and form partnerships with likeminded organizations. 


SUSTAINABILITY: We are always planning for the future and welcome new contributors and ideas. Our executive board works to ensure that we never stop improving.


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